Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Part and half of me.

What do you do when someone which is very close to you get himself involved with something bad.? A really bad one perhaps. What do you do when you already advice him millionth times but he pay no attention to it.? What do you feel when you knew that he's not just destroying other people by his fucking activities but also risk his life for something which has no value at all. I took a deep thought and give my self a space telling that every human made mistake and hoping that he will realize that his action was not just wrong and illegal but also very sinful in Islam. And me,a fragile piece of human finally made up my decision. Its his life,so its his choice. I got no right to stop him so I leave him with his life. I don't want to lose him,but this is the point of no return so I wont regret the decision that I already made. Somehow its a waste,you give someone too much thoughts but they don't even bother think about their self. Ah what's the use. 

On the other hand,if it doesn't consider as a crime,just wanted to tell that HY truly deeply madly captured my heart. Yeah am exaggerating pardon me. We had a conversation past few days,and it tastes so sweet for me.Sometimes,I couldn't help myself from aimlessly linger with the thought of the endless possibility of our togetherness. You're sweet,as sweet as a cotton candy melting in my mouth. Cant believe I'm applying my own metaphor there. :P 

P/s: I caught you staring at me that day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Tonight went out with my girlfriend since primary school,Olo Fotoho yeah i know what a really nice cute adorable name she has :{D Strolling around Kuala Terengganu while having our Mc Donald's. Bet we went out just wearing the most simplest attire a girl could put on,a track bottom yeay us :D Yeah nothing wrong with that,it's just we never did it before but somehow it was good,since we can feel the air flowing in HAHA just like what she said.I know its just a common thing that everyone else did and whats the big deal of posting it on blog but here goes the statement,who cares.

Rambling about lots of things,as if we haven't met each other for a very long time. I guess that's all I could wrote. Pathetic much since I have a huge desire to write but got no exciting stories to be told rather than this simple and small things. 

Before going to hit the sack(since I got no other things to do so I off to bed early) we humans often underestimated the power of small matters even though sometimes it actually could shaken up someone's world. If you know what I mean. 

And this statement got nothing to do with the above story at all,so Olo Fotoho don't flatter yourself :p

Monday, April 16, 2012

Turn me on.

I feel so bad today and I'm blaming my hormones. I get easily pissed off lately,a small things could easily make me mad. The problems that I'm facing right now just turn me off. Some people come and just fills in the gap of madness that I'm facing and some just emphasize it. I just need some peace,there's too many things in my mind and I cant handle everything all at once.

You just take care of your life since I never ever give any authority for you to middle with mine. You must be demented if you think you're cooler than me. Sad part is,I'm not you and you you will never be the same as me. If I were you,I would be very embarrassed.

Just go die.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I haven't seen you since the day I hoped not to.

Let’s say we’ve spent our entire lives looking for each other. Let’s say,in another time,in another set of occurrences,we don’t meet. Why say we look for each other,when we don’t know each other at all? But there’s a feeling,when you grow old by yourself,that you have missed someone all your life.
It’s beautiful to imagine you. More beautiful, to imagine you with me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Plain Stories.

Holidays already kicking in but worse,I don't know what should I do with it. My basic daily routine caused me gained another kilo's. Man,I'm near 50kg. I spend most of my time on Twitter,even I'm not really an updater but I found its a suitable place for me to express my thoughts and all the craps. I need a break but not this kind of break. I guess everyone is having their plans and shits while me.. Stuck in the good ol' days. I'm bored of having Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,and movies as my priority. Having a driving license somehow is such a waste because I don't know where should I go. I'm just done with driving around the town with no where heading to. Oh and a pleasant kick start for me today because last night I dreamed of him carried me to bed and have some romantic blah blah moment there. :D

A quick update,since I have no story to be told. Bold on the no story to be told.