Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eyes on fire.

2 more suffocated weeks then I'm gonna sit for the final examination. Then lets bid farewell to this fucking chaotic semester. Semester four isn't a good semester for me, bunch of misunderstanding, loads of assignments, myriad of presentations that the tense I'm facing almost make my head to explode. I'm terrificly need the nearest exit to escape the reality that I'm facing right now. And yeah, I've come to the point where I realized that just because he doesn't love you the way we want him too, doesn't mean that he doesn't love you with everything he has. People said love is about being selfless, while what I keep on giving him is my selfish act, yet he still loves me to the bit. Ah shame on me. 

--Happy first 6 months of togetherness for us. Thank you for loving me in myriad ways.