Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Plain Stories.

Holidays already kicking in but worse,I don't know what should I do with it. My basic daily routine caused me gained another kilo's. Man,I'm near 50kg. I spend most of my time on Twitter,even I'm not really an updater but I found its a suitable place for me to express my thoughts and all the craps. I need a break but not this kind of break. I guess everyone is having their plans and shits while me.. Stuck in the good ol' days. I'm bored of having Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,and movies as my priority. Having a driving license somehow is such a waste because I don't know where should I go. I'm just done with driving around the town with no where heading to. Oh and a pleasant kick start for me today because last night I dreamed of him carried me to bed and have some romantic blah blah moment there. :D

A quick update,since I have no story to be told. Bold on the no story to be told.

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