Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hear me out.

I hit another week of my life here. The same old jaded routine which seems to be getting on more hectic and suffocating. Too many things to be done yet so little time. Its hard,knowing the price that you got to pay up for the decision that you made. No regrets,since everybody else is currently facing the same shits like I did now too. Whats the use of regrets anyway,as if there's other way to reach the top there. Changing is constant but the fact of knowing that you never ready for it is what kills you inside. So I guess this is growing up. Not so amusing huh.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good night,moon.

Haven't been well  these past few days. I get caught by a bad fever and didn't attend the class for almost 4days including today. A whole week of laying on bed and feeling so frail. Not to tell everything in an exact way since I don't even have any desire of doing that too. All in all,your family are the one who will die for you,just to make sure you're safe and recover quickly. And,your loveliest buddies too. Thanks everyone for everything. Nothing much,just for the sake of updating,here I am.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


So now I'm here at my new hostel which is very old to be exact,waiting the clock to strike 8 before I hit my first class for today. Not that ecstatic,since I had been so caught up with my hols mood. New place--So far,not that bad. I still can sleep safe and soundly even tough the room was much smaller compared to one I had before. 

Hitting new semester means I need to gas up my ass and work on much harder. I'm not ready,but life still goes on. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jaded tape.

Aku dah jumpa satu lagi kebolehan istimewa dalam diri aku iaitu,

hati aku boleh dipatahpatahkan banyak kali. Selamba.

Tapi hati aku tak mampu tahan fact lusa aku dah kena mulakan balik rutin pelajar. 
Serious shit 2months of holiday is not enough. Phuck. The-why-I-need-to-go-back-there-again-when-all-I-want-is-here feeling has consumed me. 

Hi HY,ada orang sedang dan akan rindu awak. :' )

Sunday, June 3, 2012

June,Surprise me.

This week is the last week of holiday. Two months of holiday almost come to an end. These days have been so fast,and I'm not ready yet to start over with the books and study. At times,I just feel weak thinking about all the things that's about to happen,the changes that going to come into my life,knowing that I never ready for it. Frankly,nothing amazing happened to me during this holidays,except the fact of meeting someone whom able to start a riot in me :) Don't think its a good idea of telling what I've being doing during this hols. Well my entry seems pointless eh.? K.