Monday, April 23, 2012

Part and half of me.

What do you do when someone which is very close to you get himself involved with something bad.? A really bad one perhaps. What do you do when you already advice him millionth times but he pay no attention to it.? What do you feel when you knew that he's not just destroying other people by his fucking activities but also risk his life for something which has no value at all. I took a deep thought and give my self a space telling that every human made mistake and hoping that he will realize that his action was not just wrong and illegal but also very sinful in Islam. And me,a fragile piece of human finally made up my decision. Its his life,so its his choice. I got no right to stop him so I leave him with his life. I don't want to lose him,but this is the point of no return so I wont regret the decision that I already made. Somehow its a waste,you give someone too much thoughts but they don't even bother think about their self. Ah what's the use. 

On the other hand,if it doesn't consider as a crime,just wanted to tell that HY truly deeply madly captured my heart. Yeah am exaggerating pardon me. We had a conversation past few days,and it tastes so sweet for me.Sometimes,I couldn't help myself from aimlessly linger with the thought of the endless possibility of our togetherness. You're sweet,as sweet as a cotton candy melting in my mouth. Cant believe I'm applying my own metaphor there. :P 

P/s: I caught you staring at me that day!


  1. insyaAllah, doa2 je dia akan berubah jgk.

    and who HY haaaa???

  2. Kelyp ; Yea always praying the best for him :')
    HY.? I'll story you later HEHE :)

    Mummy ; HY <3 :p

  3. haha.okay then. btw, i'm happy for you ;)