Friday, October 28, 2011

Her Voice.

Suddenly my mind recalled my conversation with my mom back last three days I guess. We were in the car that time and we were talking about loads of stuff. She is asking me how's my life is going at the university,and I said everything just runs smoothly. She's asking about my previous examination,blah blah blah and I just answer her with an annoy tone voice as I don't want to talk about my exam thingy in my holiday mode. Then she paused into silence for a moment and I thought she is done with the questions because I bet she can read my mind how I sick with it. But a big no no there. She is asking me about my past. My past that used to build thousands of memories with me. My heart felt like being stabbed with a millions of needles and it hurts me to the core as all of the memories rushed through my mind at that time. She asked me does I still contact with the boy,and I said no mum. "There's nothing between us anymore,I thought I already told you about this?" And then she replied me,"Yes you already told me about that before". "Well,its been a while since both of you are going separate ways,does anybody at your university failed to capture your heart?" I laughed a bit,for I think her questions is kinda funny. Then I said,"Mum,I play hard to get. I don't want to be in a relationship with a wrong person again. There are many chaps that wanna make friends with me,but I just refused. I don't know why,but one of the reason is I don't wanna them to labelled me as a cheap person,an easy-to-get person. Then she said,"You can't have that thoughts. There is nothing wrong if you are befriending with everyone,it simply means you are companionable and I know you are smart enough to control yourself and your pride. People tend to think that you are arrogant if you are just keep going with your disdainful treat. Plus you would never be free from your past  if you don't try to get to know with new people in your life. Maybe some of the people that you add into your life had leave you,but remember they came with a reason and leave as a lesson. And the most important thing is,ask yourself,for how long you wanna covered your heart and feeling with a veil of brokenness? You must lift up the veil and see. For how long you wanna stay underneath your past memories? Why you wanna settle for less,while you deserve better? They left,so its their loss. 

I don't answer her after that. Not a single word. Because she really leave me in an endless thoughts. They left,so its their loss--you are truly right Mumster.

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