Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hit me hard myriad of happiness,please.

Thank you lovelies for the wonderful time.

All of you are my superstars and I'm ma your rock star. Thank you for my smile until today. Here's a toast. To the good old days,best of friends. The people that have taught me how to live,how to have a good time by just sitting around,loads of thank you. I have lose some of my lovelies and I'm not looking forward to lose the rest. Please stay,for the sake of our friendship. Our high school moment is the most valuable things i could treasure. I miss our smile,our laughter. I miss all of you. May good luck be our friend in whatever we do and may bad things be a strangers to us. :) And for you my gorgeous NajlaHeartfilia,someday what you have been waiting for will hit you up. Someday. just keep praying,as Allah always listen to his slaves. Pray for me too,pretty.

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