Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Socializing can be exhausting as giving a blood. I get so tired of communicating. I am not the person that easily open up everything about the bullshit that I'm facing,so better stop asking me to narrated the whole story because basically it was such an idea of asshole. You don't know how many internal battles I have to fight daily. You dont know what I'm going through so shut the fuck up. Don't make me sick of you man. I don't need your attention,so stop giving me. It is okay to ask me how I'm going sometimes but don't act like you were the person that should know every single thing that I'm doing. It irks me a lot you know. You ask me what did I do daily,everything about my routine,seriously get off and let me live my life. Asking me many questions,acting like you care,wouldn't make me like you more than friends instead of get sick of you.I hate giving you my shitty responses,so don't drag me making it further.Don't force me to love you,it surely wouldn't work. You cant buy my love with your cheap talk. Never.I am there by myself when I fall hard,when I need someone the most,when nobody was wiling to lean their back for me to catch me. So what the point of me wanting you now as it was totally such a complete bull-shit.

Just for the record : I'm STRONGER,I'm WISER.

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