Friday, September 9, 2011

Its time to stop the bleed.

Forget all the promises you cant keep,I wont be here anymore to wait for you. I wont let you have the satisfaction of knowing I will always be here waiting for you. Not anymore. There are so many fragile things,after all. People break so easily,and so do dreams and heart. I guess if you really love me,you should lemme moving on into my own ways. You cant mess up with my feeling,just because you are unsure of yours. If you really love me,you wont tied me with your fake promises which I know you cant keep,you wont fulfill. I just cant take it anymore even though something inside me just coming back for more,like you are part of me. Loving you is like hugging a cactus,the tighter I hold on,the more it aches. Now I knew that the past cannot be changed,erased,edited or forgotten. It can only be accepted. I don't know how many times did I forgive you just because I don't want to lose you,even though you don't deserve my forgiveness at all. People said that first love is the sweetest but that first cut is the deepest and the reason of my life breakdown. I just wanna shut down all this bullshit,forever. Don't knock my house,don't rang on my door,because I wont wait for you. I am jaded of being the one that remember everything while you seems don't remember me at all. You said you constantly facing the same shit like me,in which part tell me? Your life behaves better without me,completely okay without me,don't be denial,I'm not blind. You walked all over my heart and just left,amusing. 

; Just one thing,if one day she finally leave you,don't find me.

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