Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You hear,but you dont listen.

Nothing amazing happened to me or maybe i had missed it. Suck-fest seems come to an end. Life's behaving now and so far my day is still not cloudy. Am grateful for that. :)

For those who were drunken and try to lure me out,also for those who were "kinddd" enough asking why am i stay single,LEMME TELL YOU THE ANSWER: I am not desperate to have a boyfriend for now plus i'm not the kind of human who easily fall for people. Well,i think i don't need to rush. If something's bound to happen,it will happen. In the right time,with the right person and for the best reason. Like seriously,i am not interested at all for now. Too many important stuffs waits for me and love is not that important. Besides,what is the meaning of love if your intention is just to use someone to move on. What is love if you were using it just to fit in because all of your friends were in love? And you was scared to face the truth that you are single? What's wrong about being single? DUHH,does originality certainly dead? Come on,stop imitating. Love is not a toy,and also not a games. Call me demanding,yes i am. Got it? Thank you.

; yes I'm smiling and you're not the reason anymore. :)