Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have just realized a little trend in a society,where humans get influenced easily by others just to impress people. So stupid of you boy,to lure girls into liking them. You are a little below from the desperate and pathetic level. How a boy from religious school and acting like a holy person,turned into a person who addicted to a bitch. So it's exactly true as the saying goes never judge a books by its cover. People change,but i never expect you will change into worse.Well done,really. :D
I hope one day you will found that your imitation had embarrassed you enough,fake pious boy.

Ah,for those who say the hurting lines to me,am sorry,but i don't give a slice of damn. Remember my sweetie,anger is the condition where the tongue works faster than your mind. So better hold it.  I am not gonna think about it,and it wasn't worth at all for me to think. As talk is cheap,and gossip is fake,so just keep your mouth shut. Better changed your effing attitude noobs and enough that!

here i am,standing still. :) 


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