Friday, June 3, 2011

No where to run.

I completely not 100 percent certain in trusting people. I had enough. And i think no one worth my trust at all. Do you ever think that someone will stand up for you if everyone else was putting you down? If you can say "yes" without even pausing to think about it,you're super-lucky as you are obviously got someone that you can count on for life. As for me,i can't answer it with confident because i had deal with two faced person for so many times. I've had enough. Enough keeping up with all the bullshit from the spiller who slip out my secret to everyone else,enough with the serial flirt who thought she is the ultimate guy magnet and can hijack the attention of any guy including the one i love the most,also enough of backstabber which pretending so nice,so sweet in front of me but at the same time trying to put me in the dump,but on top of that,i had enough living in a world built on promises,constructed by liars.*sigh

; don't be surprised if one day i really disappear. and fading away. away. away.

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