Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Film without sound.

Oh am feeling so much better. Finally.*BIG SMILE
I wish things will runs smoothly. Am being busier with life after this.
I don't mind if people wouldn't noticing when I'm gone.
I don't mind if they wouldn't miss me. 
I don't mind if people tend to forget me.
I just don't care anymore.
It wouldn't give me a pain. I've gone through loads of pain. And I'm already too numb for it.
I am not the old me. I am a wholly-different person.
I am no longer the person who always care about what humans think,say about me.
That's such an old story. Life's not a fairy tale. Life's constantly a Nightmare.
And I'm kinda a vampire. A little vampire,lost in her big own world.

;  If i really grow up in beautiful ways,if i never gone into heart-testing,
trust me,maybe I can't think like today.

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