Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm moving into my own ways now. I'm changing myself. And i think by that,it makes me such a better person. Even i know,sometimes it makes me such an ignorance person. Am sorry,but i just don't care anymore. If i said 'I Don't Care anymore',mark my words as i am not turning back. That's the end. And please don't come back for more. I'm not someone who bears a grudge towards others,but i think one words can't simply cover up the pain. Apologizing? No need and no use anyways.

Want to know something bad? Yeah i don't mind sharing about this. I am harsh person. I am really spoilt. I'm fragile and insecure. I always blow up and complicated and mess. Nuff said? Only a real humans of mine can really keep up with me. Go on judge me. I'm being pretty honest and don't ever coming back claiming you know nothing about me once you got the chance. 

; If i look closely,i can see how far I've gone through my rough life. 
*things had been normal again. and much much better. alhamdulillah.

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