Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lets be a clean teenagers! :)

Lets go straight to the point. Siapa remaja yang dah bosan jadi remaja? Raise up your hand!Okay korang sama macam this one budak. Lets enjoy being a teenagers and not worry about growing up too fast! Hey budak enambelastahun,this is for you. Read and practice okay!
Have you ever being told by someone,"Heyya,childishnya you ney. BF pon takda ke? Grown up pleaseee! Hahaha,sbb takda bf korang kena grown up? Ptuih. Macam style je kan bila korang sebot ayat grown up tu kat org,but do you think you really know what grown up is all about? Being grown up means a lot of things okay. As for me,in this teenage age,i always remember to take responsibility which is suits my age. I will stand up for what is right but most of all,dont forget to have fun. Being 16,17,18 only comes once in your life.So enjoy!:D But remember,whatever you do now will exactly determine who you are in the next ten or twenty years.

Mark this words,always be true to who you are. It's such a normal things for you when you findout what group you fit in at school kan? So it's okay to explore. There will be a group that you like and it's not such a big problems if you can't really fit in with a certain groups. Come on,it's a ordinary little thing. Even adult mostly feel the same. Once you find "who you are"remain true to that person.Also,you don't need to tell your friends whatever you dont wanna them to know.Besides,it's none of their business aite? Tak kisahlah amenda pon yang memalukan tu,maybe you're a huge fan of BARBIE,or maybe you were still sleeping with your mom( I'M NOT :D ),yada yada,syhhh..! Dont bother telling them okay. Just keep it to yourself.

Be confident in who you really are. This is obviously a key to an individual strength. If you got a high-level confidence,then you will easily hit-off with everyone. As a adolescent,there were loads of change on your body,well your body is growing aite? And the worse part is you feel like every single one is staring at you and they were noticing the changes. Ohh no,they're not. Maybe korang rasa down sebab korang tak secantik model ke,artis ke,but hey,we grow and change differently. Just stay whre you are supposed to be!

Lastly,the one thing that will always make you look cool is be honest and avoid lying. It will make you look even worse than before. Takpayah malu nak mengaku salah. Kalo dorang bagi muka hina,takretireti nak bagi dorang penyepak? HAHA. Also,don't give up on things you like just because people assumed it as babyish. Plus,always think what is the effect from the things you done. Alcohol,drugs,and sex may seem grown up mature but realized,dah ramai manusia yang hidopnya jahanam kerana benda ney sume. Anddd,dont ever make fun of someone you don't know. You never know they may become your friends! Psst,i had experienced it. HOHO.

smile and good night :)