Monday, May 16, 2011

I only play to win.

Ohai. Just get back from secret recipe. Chilling with my gorgeous girlfriend. We were talking about loads of stuffs. We were reminisce our madness while we're in the highschool,talking about unfair u-p-u intake,talking about our future and yada yada. Pfft,everything is so F up to me. Okay skip that part. Hey badariah iskandar my rock star,thanks for the icelemontea and tiramisucake okay! I've attach a piece of you here! Please be proud. HA-HA-HA.

While lying on my bed,i got a sudden anxiousness thinking about my future. Lets say ten years from now and you noticed that the puzzle pieces is still not correctly matched or found. Doesn't that scary? INHALE.EXHALE. I've living for 18 years*OFFICIALLY will be on 8 of july,obviously i've facing loads of ups and downs. I have learn that not all wishes will come true. I learn that i need to walkaway with a new ambition and forget one that i've dreaming off since i was small.  I learn to put aside my feelings just to make a way for someone get their happiness and i learn that creatures will always let you down and all you gotta do is just ignore all the bullshit and keep moving forward. Sometime i found that this world is such a scary place and i often wanna escape reality. 

I'm jaded with everything and everyone sometimes. As time flying by,am praying for a better chapter of my life. Selamat malam. Mimpi comel.

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