Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dirty little secret.

I watched the football match between Terengganu and Kelantan just now. Terengganu doesn't perform well and could did way far good than just now but yea you know what I mean. Yes I am so emotional that even the whole house could hear my voice yelling and cursing at the players from both of the team but mostly goes to Terengganu. Its not like I am not supporting my own team and cursing because Kelantan is leading,but its more likely because they wasted the chances that they had. I even text my friends telling how devastated I am while keep watching the match. Don't bother think why am I really into this football because I don't even have the reason why,I just did. I'm not writing this entry because I'm dwelling on the matches,its just I got a lesson from the match. Don't easily gave up. At first I thought there would be no escape for Terengganu to score for goals after the other team lead them with 3-0. But yea its true we don't know what's waiting for us ahead. Finally they manage to score and end the game with 3-2. So the lesson here is don't gave up. Even when things getting hard,just keep moving on and don't give a fuck. The other lesson that I got was we should not behaved like a people with no moral and attitude when things getting hard. It shows how bad we are as a human and it shows that you're not considered as a good fans instead. Well that issues was so Kelantan*yawn*  

Should'had you know,I've become a football fans since holiday kicking in due to boredom that hits me. Ignore me,I'm bored like hell that it even crossed my mind to write this pointless entry. Hihi. Somehow it knocks my mind,would be great if I owned a football player as my husband. He will look so handsome while running on the field and I will get so carried away whenever this thought hits me. HEHE. By the way,I'm thinking of attaching HIS picture riding a fixie and looked so handsome that I could faint each time I take a look at it. But for some reasons,I think I should not attach it now. Next time maybe I will say yes. HY,you still occupy a spot in my mind and my heart. Cant deny that fact ;)