Friday, March 30, 2012

The End.

I've been away from my second self for quite long time. Two weeks,yeah. The temporary gone because of English Camp. Nothing much to impress,everything is just okay. The only thing that I keep doing while I was in the camp is counting how many days left for the camp to end. And now,after suffocated by all those activities,it finally ends. A big relieved. The activities there mostly bored me,we kept doing an activities which doesn't much differ than we did before. But the only thing that captured my attention a bit is the night of fairytale. I became a Snow White that night,and I did sang A Thousand Years song. Yeah the chorus part only. But somehow I was proud of myself,I managed to do that in front of other Teslian and lecturers. Hehe. While I thought I could never do that,its already done. Combined with the boys groups,make me feel irks at the first place. I never think I could survive,but everything just runs smoothly. Seniors of my group majorly are all nice people and I'm blessed ;) 

I don't want to talk about the bad part. It's so euww I just cant give it a thought anymore.
English Camp wrapped up here. Looking forward to think of what I'm going to do with my 2 months holiday rather than my basic daily bored routine.  


  1. sedapnyaaaa suara awak nyanyi. tergodaaa ai auw auw! :D

  2. Ehem yelah. Tak sehebat awak menari bolly bolly segala tu kaaan :{D