Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I saw you in everyone I met.

I think about you everyday, that’s for sure, I think about what you might be doing. If you’re okay or not. But it’s scary that a day will come where I don’t think about you, and then there will come a few days where I don’t think about you at all. After that a week, a couple of weeks, a month, a couple of months to a year and onwards until the day comes where a daughter of mine will ask me who my first true love was and what he was like. That’s when I’ll think of you and my heart will break a little at the realization that years have passed and I have not thought about you. And I will look into my daughter’s eyes as my heart breaks a little more at the wish that her father was you. I’ll sit down with her and tell her what an amazing man you were and how very much I loved you, and how you will never forget your one true love. But I’ll go on to say how much I love my daughter and her father and that there’s no other man I’d rather be married to. Because by then I surely would have convinced myself of that.

--My Blueberry Nights

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