Friday, December 23, 2011

Spell you cast still lingers.

Pointing myself to the mirror, realizing how much things totally change in front of my naked eyes. And tonight, my heart began to ache again. A sudden realization creeping into myself, thinking about all the things that I shouldn’t do but I did, thinking about all the words that I should keep to myself but I uttered it, thinking about all the forgiveness that I gave for almost every time and being destroyed most of the time too, thinking about the decision that I made and end up regretted, thinking about all the lost chances, thinking about all the probabilities that finally seems didn’t make a sense anymore. I am whole lot of regrets, mounting. Every day I woke up and hoping for some miracle to chase away the emptiness and blankness that had consumed me for too long. I’ve been hurt beyond the repair and pathetically no one cares.  Don’t look me into the eyes, because I don’t want you to watch the piece of broken side that I hide. Don’t  take any step closer because I don’t want you to hear my breathless sighs. Don’t try to understand me, or you will lost in reveries too.
My empty guts, my sleepless night, waiting for you.  Why don’t you just tell me how, and I will shut down this forever.