Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sequel NO more.

I received a call from one of my guy friend last night,and I accidentally answer it. It was so hard for me to answer his call because I don't feel like talking to him and anyone. But it was too late as I already pick up the call,and I talk to him as usual. He asked me why am I being so arrogant these days,but I leave the question hanging there. I hate when people judging me,I am not that arrogant or whatever but I have my own reason why I'm being ignorance and I don't think I need to banging it out loud to the world. Being in the state of numbing all the inevitable feelings,and totally lead myself to being ignorance towards people around me,I got my own justification of all my action. 

He said that he's calling me because he wanted to tell me a very important thing. And i replied him,tell me what is it all about then. Then he said,Ohh,Emm,I can't tell you right now,because I already make a promise to that someone,so you better wait for that someone telling you by itself. And its really pissed me off,when people are calling me and just wanted to play pull and push with me. Harsh tone,and I said,you were successfully pissed me off and I was about to hang up the conversation. Then he laughed,he said he just want me to be patient in waiting and hesitate-less I said,don't talk rubbish here,I am jaded of waiting and I wont wasting my other time of waiting for your news. Hearing my serious voice,he surrendered and he said he gonna forward the message from that someone to me.

There it goes,it revealed everything. I read it and feel nothing at all. I know "they" are trying to fail me and lie to me,but too bad I understand syntax. I understand your need to lie and the purpose of that rubbish message. I knew exactly behind your words,there are so many other things. I knew you wanna know whether I still care or not,I knew you wanna see my response,I knew you wanna break me,but dude on your face,I'm IZZA and I don't give a fuck. I know who am I and I know what I want,so you had failed to make me upset.

 --Have a long last SO-CALLED marriage. :D