Monday, November 7, 2011

Have you ever had a dream so vivid,it seemed real?

My figment of imagination keeps spinning round and round. Too much of it,too much. Life's still behaving like a jaded tape,repeating its old routines. I thought of breaking this monotonous routine and find something that can inspired me. Well really need somewhere to go,something to do. I had a thought that I should go out from this city and explore and just follow wherever it takes me. I hate when life becomes a routine,truly hate. Holidays gonna end in just the count of five days. And then,there comes the reality of being in uni again. The thought of study,of all the subj,all the books,the ass-ignments, the classes,simply build up the tenses in me. Oh la la think positive positive positive. Shit,I am making a promises to myself that I should lessen my times on sleeping,online and rambling when I hit semester two. My previous results was not really a news for me,so I totally have to exaggerating dangggg. Twenty credit hours*gasped* 

--Trust me campus life,I did not miss you as much as you miss me! -,-


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