Thursday, August 11, 2011


Staring numbly at the very dark skies,I realized how much things really changed in my naked eyes,how much my story totally shaped into a wholly different ending. I am eight-teen now,and I had really changed into the real girl. No longer a girl that rely on her hopes into someone. No longer a girl that easily gave her trust to people as she had keeping up with a broken and fake promises for so long. Everything that she's going through,that she's facing and all the things that she still longing for,she just kept to herself. Silence and shut. No point of telling,as people cant decode the real meaning behind it. She's trying to prove one thing or two,that she can stand up by herself,without those guides. She cant make the same mistakes twice,if she did it again,its no longer a mistakes,but its a choice. Somehow to welcome a new fresh start demand us to leave all the past behind even though she's not good at it. All the bitterness that she's have gone through,make she better. She know she can survived,even without someone as her savior. I'm stronger,I'm wiser,that's all I want to improve.

; Lets see for how long i can keep waiting and wanting you as my hero.  

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