Tuesday, August 16, 2011


--Yeah I know the picture above highly make me look like an insane person right? But who the hell cares. I'm bored,seriously. The spectacles,yeah I'm wearing it now. Call me a nerd,hoho. Not fully wore it,only when I'm in the class,and go online. My left eye power is 125 while my right eye power is only 50. Its weird right? Or maybe its just a normal thing? Well I have no idea about this stuff. Oh I'm home right now. HEHE. Tomorrow would be a public holiday as all the Muslims would celebrating Nuzul Al-Quran. So I grabbed this opportunity and rushing home even just for one day. Hehe,how a terrible homesicko I am. I guess I'm an eight years old girl stuck in the body of eight teen years girl. Hehe. Its already a 16th Ramadhan,guess how fast time is moving. And just a few more days and counting,we will celebrating Hari Raya,oyeah! Well if anyone wanna treat me for berbuka or Hari Raya stuffs,don't be shy,just lemme know!. I'll be there in a kiss anyway! Kehkeh.
Mind my bloody grammar mistake,its a flash update.

; Currently listening to Suasana Hari Raya-anuar zain & elina.
Can't wait to see how much my collecting for this Raya. Harap menaik,haha!

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