Friday, October 12, 2012

Unconscious thought.

Cramp on my stomach,having a migraine,where I know I'm going to have my period real soon. My mood had gone,every single thing can pissed me off just like that. I switched off my mobile phone,just to avoid any disturbance and I know my action caused him a big worry about me. I'm sorry love,I didn't mean to make you feel guilty or else,I just don't want to drag things any worse. I blame my hormones for not being stable these past few days. I can get mad and locked myself up in a room all day long if I lost my mood. I hate being in that situation,where somehow it could affect everyone else around me. I hate it when I couldn't handle my feelings in a certain circumstances,where I can be very fragile and cried like a fan babies. I hate how much my insecurity could eat me up. I hate when I hurt the person I love the most without having the slightest intention of doing that. I hate when I become too greedy of wanted to own him all by myself. I hate when I think every hello always ends with goodbye. I hate when I think I might lose him. I hate when I couldn't swallow my thought all by myself and end up being in this situation. I truly hate being in a labyrinth of thoughts. 

--I miss you other half.

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