Sunday, May 13, 2012


Lets make it simple and short. Life's behaving so far,but there's the day where it changed into cloudy because of those silly chaps.

I don't particularly hate anyone but somehow people doesn't really know how to roll with me. It sicks,having a friend who text you all the time just to lure your attention. It sicks having a friend who get jealous over many pointless things while he don't even have any right to feel that way. Cant help feeling  a bit dudgeon over these bullshit. Lets make it clear,we are just FRIENDS and stop hoping that we're going to walk out from that zone. If you still wanna chase me,then I hope you will enjoy disappointment. Don't let me define you as another piece of waste in my life. And just so you know,I would be glad if you're gone. Really. 

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