Thursday, September 29, 2011

You cant spit on my back and pretending its rain.

I get pissed a lot these days. People are getting more and more on my nerves. I'm fucked up about the things that consider as an irritating and fucking words by someone which I thought and treat as a friend. I am fucking tired of the noobs that keep judging and insulting me even though the reality she are triple fucking worse than me. Heck! It's my fucking damn life and I have the authority to do what I do,to wear what I want,and like it or not,its my life. Its my taste and you cant talk shit about that. God,gimme a break!

Acting like a saint people wouldn't work out anymore so enough that. At least I'm being myself and I didn't put the hypocritical acts just to fit in into a group. You step on my parents pride and guess you just wanna me keep the shit low? Oh hell,find another izza.  What you think is dumb. Well, I certainly am being honest,can't blame me for it. You can't be the only one being honest, now do you?


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