Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Despise me.

Truthfully,i hate the whole concept of envy. How I get envious seeing others life is great and how they lead them. How great their life is and I wish mine is like that too. How everything just runs smoothly and fits perfectly and how people adore them. How good they are in their studies and how successful they are. How attention always be given and never feel left out. How they got the simplicity and lead life so easily while I cant even make a simple decision. I truly hate the feeling of stupidity each time I fail,and watching everyone succeed.I wish I didn't have the feeling of insecurities as much as I did right now. I hate watching myself lacking every time. I guess I am nothing much differ than others and I got nothing special rather than fears and flaws than talents and beauty.

; Going out for the last time with my rock star since thirteen as she's gonna fly her way to Moscow,Russia to further her study in medic field. I was so proud of her. Like seriously,she was pretty much so adorable and inspired me to be like her. So long and till we meet again. :)

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