Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This I confess.

Fasting as an uni student is not much differs than fasting at home. Well its just you need to spend out lotta of your own cash to buy all the foods. Cook? Well i don't do cooking. HAHA. I got a new experience here you know. Unbelievable phase is-I do cleaning the raw chicken. I never ever do that before but i did it here. Bravo for me. *okay i am that pathetic. I also involved in the bazaar part. Me and the other Teslian Sem 1 were helping the seniors sold the dishes at bazaar. It was fun. Even though all i do is just watching and do nothing,okay call me irresponsible. The seniors,majorly nice people. So that it,fasting and bazaar story wrapped up in 3 days perspectives. More to come.

Talking about study,I know my life here would be as hard as tuut. Tons of ass-ignments,plus the six subjectssss. I really need to pull the effort like I did when i sit for SPM before. The worst part is, I have to deal with the FALSAFAH and KENEGARAAN what-so-called-thingy again. Huwaa! Both of it is just like history subj and i hate it. :( Believe me,its hard as hell to deal with the sleepy class every time. To avoid sleeping,I'm wearing an earphones,listening to music,so that it,I'm in my LALALA-land. The foreign language class also a complete torture for me. Vietnam is my bad. I still can't recall even she already taught,said it hundred times. Sob sob. 

And sometimes this situation make me missed my high school moment. Uwaa.
Till then,happy fasting everyone.

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