Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happiness Explosion.

Gah,am at home now.Having a holiday for two weeks yaw! I'm gonna spend my time preciously.Home is like heaven on earth and I just cant describe how I love beinghome.So,farewell to the classes,farewell to waking up early in the morn,farewell presentation,farewell lecturers,farewell ass-ignments,wuhuu. So lets say hello shopping,hello Hari Raya,hello collecting money KIHKIH! Lets play kick-ass fun this holiday. Looking forward to see my goofy friends,i miss them like crazay!

; Its fun playing the bunga api with my lil sister. I feel like i went back to my childhood MOMENT again. Kawankawan,cepatlah balik. Tak sabar mahu merewang malam shopping raya. KIHKIH

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