Saturday, August 27, 2011


Have you ever laid on your bed at night and just cried? Cried because you are not good enough. Cried because you were counting all our mistakes. Cried because all the comments people blurted out,cried because everyone is betraying you,pretending like they care but actually they tried to kill you with the most cruelest way. I'm spending most of my time now by get lost with my thoughts. I wanna be alone. Without anyone,because humans keep broke me,I'm a fragile piece yet they still have guts to shattered me into pieces. Having these kind of stuffs and going through this day really make me depressed,make me wanna disappear forever. Its just amazing how at one point people that extremely close with us then later will become a complete stranger. A person which once knew you so well,who once knew your fears,your desires,your dreams,is the one that being your major reason of your life breakdown. But I dont want to be a burden,so I bottle it up in me. Around people,I'm the happiest. I kept telling myself this is the last time,but it just keeps happening.

To put my story into words,humans broke me into pieces,humans never be good,everything was a surprised to me,I learned to remember and to let go,many things just slipped away from me,I was a mess,I got pushed and shoved,and I was reckless and blurred. Its so hard to believe how much can change in a year. Things were completely different.

-- silence.

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