Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baby its a wild wild world.

They say they care about you,a few moments later they just leave you there hanging. They say they love you,but never even bother to show that. If you love me as much as you said you did,then you wouldn't have hurt me like I ain't shit. So why saying all this,if don't really mean it? You went from someone I adore into a complete stranger. After a very long silence between us,you come and injected my dull life with unnecessary drama,heartaches,and on top of that,you drag me getting my hopes up and then making my hopes useless. Now,it was just another waste. I should have learn that every possibilities that i knew was just a lie. And again,I was just another promises that you couldn't keep. 

I told you to stop knocking on my door,but you did. Cos I thought this time you were staying,for good,that I confess. And maybe it was my fault,for letting you in again. Tonight everything seems crystal clear to me,there's nothing left to fight for,nothing left to wait for,nothing left for everything. I really don't know what your intentions,maybe you just wanna see me depressed. Well if that's so,you had failed. Cos its getting old to me,and I'm immune to it. On your face,I'm telling this,i totally lost interest in you. I am fucking jaded of you. You lead me to a very big disappointment and I had enough of being sober for so many years. I already knew happy ending bloody sure won't come around.

One day you will know how it feels like being in my shoes,and that time you will convincing yourself that it was just a dream. A bad dream. And when you woke up from your dream,you will find yourself stuck with a same person who you used to change her fairytale into nightmare. You will stare at the mirror and asked,is this what she's feel all this time?

--In this world,you will reach to the point where you may thought it was your's,but in a blink of an eyes,it's already someone else's.

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