Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't kill mockingbirds.

My feelings is blended together. Campus demand is not easy to deal with. Aahh,eyes feel watery whenever talked and think about it. Never expect it would be this tough. Everything is mixed up all together,and it was all unhealthy. But yeah,at least i got what i always demand for.Even got what you aimed for,yet still it is not that easy. I am scared and terrified about this Thursday. I mean,i am so hell bad at talking in front of people. My hands will shaky and my palms becomes wet and i get jittery. DUHH,my confident level is very low. I am terrified. Somebody please help me.!
Be strong babe,chill. Breathe in,breathe out. Inhale,exhale.

 --Feel free to copy and paste my line again and make it as a juicy status in face-book.
Don't have to get my permission,as if they have any manners right? 
All my entry is generally written and i am not mentioning anyone's but if the shoes fit to wear,be free to wear it. I'm running out of fucks to give about those rubbish stuffs. Kasihan.


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