Thursday, May 26, 2011


Do you ever give a celebrity answer whenever people ask you about your relationship with somebody and you would answer"HEY WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. WE'RE NOT DATING EACH OTHER OKAYY!" And you would like turned up giving a shitty face like you were really annoyed by the question. Padahal dalam hati "oh maii godd,dorang gosipkan aku dgn dye. sukenye sukenya." AAHHHH,take my middle finger please! I mean,heck,why don't you just tell them the real story? CONFESS PLEASE. How long you gonna hide it? You said you were not dating each other,but your appearance narrated the exact story. If you were not mentally dating,then does you need to hang out each and every second together,texting from day to night,acting so sweet in front of others,writing an entry about him/her in your blog,making a status about her/him in your facebook,hey we're not blind lah. We are so hell annoyed and if we could,we gonna punch you in your face. To these kind of people;
                                          go get hit by the bus!

As i had told before,i am not interested in love nor chaps. I love the way i am right now. And i guess love doesn't work out for me,and hey I'm cool with that. I am being extra strong nowadays,hell true. I need no one for me. I need a break,so would you understand that? I am not bothering flirting or being bitchy with any other guy out there simply because i wanna get over my past. I'm doing things in my own way. Mine is simple,i am not dwelling on my past anymore. What stays there,stay. I am strong now,and its kinda impossible to break me. And please,stop minding so much about my life. Stop judging me on what to do or what not. Why did people loves to judge others from their outer layer? Heck,i wish you would drowned into your pure jealousy. I love things rolling on my way,and you can never talked shit about it. I swore,i ll teach you a lesson if you still wanna mess up with me. I've gone through silence for a long time and let creatures stepped on me,but not for this time. And i don't need any solid proof to mark my words.

Also,so DAMN what if i wanna talk English or talk shit? Just because I'm Malay,then i can't talk English? Is that what you think? Such a DUMB thinking. Am i being an arrogant or selfish human if i talk in English? Shame on you. Mark this,i never ask you to fit into my life. If you don't like me the way i am,then go straight to hell and no one would give a damn about it. Call me demanding,call me rude,but my attitude is exactly based on how you treat me. 


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