Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Somewhere only we know.

One asked me,why must love being so painful? As for me,love is not painful or harmful. Love is the most magnificent and magical feeling ever. Love is the thing we have to experience and taste it.Truth is,love is never a pain. What hurts is lies. Broken promises hurts. Rejection hurts. Loneliness hurts,cheating hurts,envy hurts. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt. But most of people get things confused and messed up with love,but the reality is only love make someone feel wonderful again and simply covers up all the pain. 

I have taste love in my life. And i fell out of it. I am not the type easily fall for people. Many people manage to catch my sight,but few capable to capture my heart. Now,nothing left to said. Love actually a feeling we cant control. And that's maybe the major reason when he told me he love me,then he move on to someone else? Depends. Take caution,as the person that construct a lovely fairytale in your life could change it into your worst nightmare ever. Right now,i just want to be free and do not bother think about feelings until i can find someone that can make my heart say yes and finally open up for him.

Realize that people change and feelings fade,make me feel like,oh okay,lets make a wall between me and him and a pure silence to confront with everything. Is that okay?  I already told him to stop knocking on my door. Because i thought there's nothing left to say,truthfully,its none.I just dont wanna be part of him. Not anymore,not again. And i knew,he also have the same idea. So please,just dont. You should always bear in your mind,that one word can't change and cover up all the pain.
Its just cant. Just fly your way. Fly and follow where it takes you. I tend to forget you and my past.

Don't afraid of love. Its coming your way! :)


  1. love can be sweet,can be salty too.....but its just a part of life,so just bear with it

  2. i dont really trust love actually. WAKAKA.