Saturday, April 9, 2011

poEtic tragEdy

Looking backward,woah,its like everything is so fucking perfect.
Yet looking at today and i noticed how things have changed a lot.
There seems to have a very huge differences back there.
I miss those good old days.
I miss morning text asking me to have my breakfast. I miss whenever he nagged when i skip my meal. I miss a late phone call. I miss his voice. I miss his laugh. I miss when he playing guitar. I miss the time when we are not fighting. I miss spending time with him in the car with no-where heading to. I miss his hair. I miss his guardian hand. I miss when he wipe away my tears whenever i cried in front of him. I miss his random text to me and i miss sending random text to him saying how much i miss him. I miss laughing at his bad jokes. I miss to miss him. On top of that,the most thing that i miss is, HIM.

Everything changed. So do people.

*benda dah lepas. tapi benda lepaslah yang selalu dikenang. kan? =='

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