Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lets not look back and go straight.

Everything is normal. Just normal. Well maybe currently dull. Nothing to look forward to,and nothing excites me. My day that passes by is just like a recorded taped. Old and repetitive. I am spending most of my times nowadays on facebook and with my friends. Also blogging. Try to socializing and trying to keep my mind off over something that keeps bugging into my head.But yeah, sometimes i just cant handle it. Whenever i lost control,it will tickles in my mind. Oh damn.

People,dont it ever crossed your mind that "somehow meeting and adding new people in your life is a waste and such a fool action as every hello always end with goodbye". Or maybe i forgot,things was just beautiful at first right? *BIG sigh there. But why should you bother rub into my face all those lovely words at the first place if you never meant it? Why bother talked about feelings if they are not really there? Hmm,seems like i cant stop dwelling about my past. Oh,well just maybe in case you are going to ask how am i doing here,im doing fine. Just having short-lasted-bad-headache and dizziness. Other than that,i enjoyed lonesome,judging nastily by people,and enjoy fixing a broken heart. 
                                                    Phuck you,dude.




  1. sometimes our past cant be distance from us...but as the time keep on moving,it will be gone just enjoy ur life :)